WANT TO BE A BETTER PLAYER? Focus on swing feelings – not swing thoughts…

And that’s exactly what the Swing Coach Club was designed to do; help you develop the FEEL of your ideal swing tempo, path, sequence, and timing… the same feelings that better players have.

Dean Reinmuth Swing Coach

ENDORSED BY DEAN REINMUTH - Renowned PGA Tour Player Coach

Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor for 20 Years. Best Selling Golf Author. Over 200 Teaching Segments Filmed on Golf Channel.


Whether you’re a regular player looking to finally ‘beat the bogey curse’, or you’re new to the game and want to learn how to play well quickly, the Swing Coach Club will get you there – in just 15-30 minutes a day.


For players who already understand the mechanics of timing, release, etc., the Swing Coach can help you identify any issues with your swing and help you dial in the best swing of your life.


Better players understand that the target is where you want the ball to go. But most players are focused simply on ‘making contact’. The Swing Coach Club helps you transform this “hit the ball” impulse into an effortless, powerful swing - through the ball - right to the target.

Change Your Game Forever with Your “AHA!” Moment

There is something magical every Swing Coach user experiences; when the golf ball releases, smooth as silk, online to your target. In that moment, you’ll finally discover what a smooth, repeatable swing motion feels like.

That “AHA!” moment is the start of a short learning curve to owning a golf swing that playing partners will envy.

Load. Swing. Feel.

Swing Coach is the first ever practice club of regulation weight and length to channel the flight of a golf ball to show what is right or wrong with every practice swing.

Feel what the pros feel. Experience for yourself how the mind, body, club and golf ball work in unison to achieve the only goal of the golf swing - advancing ball to target.

Remember the Club Throwing Drill?

Remember the feel for weight transfer, sequential body movement, and smooth rhythm in Fred Shoemaker's classic "Club Throwing Drill"?

Swing Coach develops these same swing motions by launching golf balls - NOT your club! SAME FEEL… JUST MORE REAL.

See What Users Are Saying

Jim Delaby, PGA

"The results are seriously, remarkable! This aid speeds up the learning curve INSTANTLY!!!!"

Maria Kostina, 1st Russian Golfer to compete in US Women's Open

"Fixed my flip - a lifetime battle for me... Amazing!!!"

J. Reynolds, US Senior Amatuer Player

“In less than 5 minutes, the Swing Coach Club taught me something that I never could have imagined. It is an amazing feeling…”

Swing Coach Features

Engineered to refine your swing utilizing the basic physics of velocity and direction

Swing Coach Club - The Ultimate Game Improvement and Warm-Up Club (RH)
  • Ejectech Technology

    Fitted with the first of its kind patented Ejectech Release Calibration System to help you see and feel the release of your swing energy

  • 7 Iron Length & Weight

    Designed to help your game where the most strokes can be shaved - in your short to mid game

  • Casting Correction

    Balls released right indicate early release of energy and casting - feel the correction as you adjust your swing to send the ball straight forward

  • Feel Correct Swing Path & Timing

    The Ejectech cradle technology is designed to only release balls on-line with your target when you swing with a correct swing path & timing - you can't cheat it so learn from it!

Power Up Your Swing With The Ejectech Cradle Technology

  • Train smooth swing acceleration, sequence, and timing that generates effortless power.

  • Learn to deliver your club on an inside swing path with a square club face thru impact position for more speed and improved accuracy.

  • Feel optimum release of energy at the bottom of your swing arc for added yardage with every club in your bag.

Experience Swing Feedback Like Never Before

Quickly Connect Visual and Tactile Feedback to Create Lasting Muscle Memory
Ball Releases High and Left

Indicates an outside in motion in your swing and/or a delayed release of power.

Ball Releases On-Line with Your Target

Indicates you are swinging with a correct arc, acceleration, and release of energy.

Ball Releases Low and Right

Indicates casting or a premature or jerky release of swing energy and/or improper swing speed for the distance being practiced.

Feel Your Release

What's the difference between a beginner or high-handicap golfer and a pro? The release.


“I use it to train all parts of the swing - backswing, transition to impact, and follow through are enhanced greatly by Swing Coach. It makes me a better swing coach!"

"All told, Swing Coach stands as one of the more creative and inventive swing trainers on the market today.”

In less than 5 minutes, the Swing Coach Club taught me something that I never could have imagined. It is an amazing feeling…”

"The results are seriously, remarkable! This aid speeds up the learning curve INSTANTLY!!!!"

"Fixed my flip - a lifetime battle for me... Amazing!!!"

"Rather than another $400 driver, Swing Coach may be a better investment.”