Quick Fixes: Outside-to-Inside Swing Part 3

Quick Fixes: Outside-to-Inside Swing Part 3

Do You Make the Same Mistake that Plagues 96% of Golfers?

SWING COACH QUICK FIXES → Outside-to-Inside Swing

      The pros make it look easy to swing the golf club correctly, propelling that beloved little white ball down the fairway, resulting in an 80 or 90 score. But frustration often begins to set in after a few practice sessions and things aren't as picture perfect as we all imagine. The ball can appear to have a mind of it's own and to most, it's difficult to establish exactly why it behaves the way it does. If you often feel like this blue man on the right. Don't worry, you're not alone! 

     Even if you have several years of experience and you're good enough to impress your boss (or your cat), there's a good chance that you struggle from time to time with the issue that plagues over 96% of golfers.

    This article is the third of a three-part series about how to stop your golf ball from flying to the left. If you missed the first two parts, don’t worry! You can jump in here and go back to check out parts one and two after you’ve practiced the tip in this article!

What's the issue? Your golf ball tends to fly high and to the left instead of straight. There is one very common mistake that causes this...



     One of the big issues that causes your golf ball to fly high to the left is when you swing your golf club "over the top," and approach the ball with an outside-to-inside trajectory. Let's dive further into the details of how this happens.

     As you transition from the backswing into the downswing, there is a natural tendency to allow your club to make a circular motion in order to change the inertia of the club from backward to downward. This forces the head of the golf club to swing over your head instead of behind you, and alters the angle of your club to be too steep. The steep angle of the club in the downswing forces the club head to move over and down instead of just down toward the ball. This results in a circular motion and your club moves with an outside-to-inside trajectory. 

     The more common issue that golfers struggle with is allowing the club to drift to an outside entry path toward the ball. Sometimes this mistake happens because you're accelerating too late, and sometimes it just happens if you're not paying attention. Either way, the effect is that your ball will fly sky high and left of your target. 

But that's enough about what causes the ball to go left. There are a couple things to help fix this issue...


    The last issue that may be sending your ball high and to the left may be that you're accelerating your swing too late. This isn't too difficult to fix, so this is the shortest tip of the group. You may just need to pay more attention to where your acceleration happens and practice accelerating correctly until it becomes muscle memory. It’s easy to get excited and accelerate too early or be too cautious and accelerate too late.

    Your primary acceleration should happen beginning at the hip, and follow through the impact with the ball. These issues can be easily identified and adjusted with your Swing Coach Club as the patented cradle is designed to release the ball when you reach your peak acceleration. As you practice, break your swing down into stages and practice accelerating correctly. The link below is an instructional video of how to properly accelerate through impact:          


    Hopefully, this series of articles about fixing the outside-to-inside swing has given you some ideas to help perfect your golf swing and keep the ball on-line with your target. For more resources and help with your golf swing, please visit us at www.SwingCoachClub.com and select the ‘Lesson Tee’ tab. You'll find professional tips and instruction from Golf Digest Top 50 instructor and former tour coach, Dean Reinmuth. You can find his 60 second Quick Fix to the outside-in swing at the link below… check it out! 


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