"The Most Fun Spot at the PGA Show Demo Day"

"The Most Fun Spot at the PGA Show Demo Day"

It has been a crazy couple of weeks with the PGA Merchandise Show and all the subsequent follow-up involved but the dust appears to finally be settling in a very positive way. We were blown away by the popularity of Swing Coach at Demo Day and are stoked about the growth we are seeing this golf season.

Our team has loved the effect the Swing Coach Club has had on our own swings but it’s even more satisfying to finally see it help everyone else!

Check out the response from people at Demo Day!


We loved many of the comments we received from media and PGA professionals. There are more than we could put in this post but these are some of our favorites from the show:

 “This is the most fun spot at the PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day.” 

          -Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer

"Awesome product and Staff! It was a pleasure investing my time with you and your team at the PGA Show this week. Wishing you great success! Can't wait to help my students - and my game - with your amazing training tool!”

          -John Leighton, PGA Professional and Master Instructor, US Kids Golf

"Coaching golf has one inherent problem. The thing we are trying to learn to control is the club, not the ball! Swing Coach helps the instructor and the student place the focus on what the club is doing with real time feedback. I use it to train all parts of the swing - backswing, transition to impact and follow through are enhanced greatly by Swing Coach. Swing Coach makes me a better swing coach!”

           -Doug Wherry, Owner of Jake’s Academy in Denver, CO and former Head of Instruction at Arnold Palmer Golf Academies

 We should be getting back to our usual blog posting schedule so look for more great tips and stories coming soon. If there is anything you would like to see us address, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. We are always excited to hear from fellow Swing Coach users!


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