"Golf has been taught as an exercise in mechanics, when in fact it is a game of feel."
-Jim Flick, PGA Hall of Fame Instructor and Coach to Jack Nicklaus


"I was actually quite surprised by how quickly I picked up the use of it" 

"This club has helped make my swing much smoother and free flowing and improved my athleticism and timing"

" I do think it is helpful for teaching you how to keep the club in front of you through the strike of the ball"

"I like the instant feedback which one gets when a swing is practiced..."

"It really helps with the release point"

"I hit the ball further, penetrating shots - it's was like the ball didn't want to come down. Honestly, I hit three 5 irons shots of 225 yds and a 4 iron of 235-240 yds. All landed in the middle of the fairway. Thanks"

"It is such a good timing aide…"

"Very different feel to the swing and helped a lot!"

"Prior to using the Swing Coach …. I had a tendency to swing too hard from the top of my swing"

"Rewarding... It instantly reminds what I need to do"

"It was helpful at smoothing out the swing"

- Revolution Golf Members
“With Swing Coach, you can develop your feels. You can develop that acceleration - that sense of (swing) freedom you need to go from top of backswing to gradually increasing your speed to the moment where it counts at impact - where the club face, club path and (timing) makes the most sense for your best shots.”
- Martin Chuck, Founder of Tour Striker Golf Academy,
Faculty Member at Revolution Golf / Golf Channel
"Swing Coach helped me to slow down, work my hands through the swing, follow the swing path… and work on getting your tempo and the swing plane correct. You’ll see the release point and see the speed in your swing."
- Michael Fyre, Amateur Golfer
"I like the feedback that it gives. It’s instantaneous - you can see where you’re missing… You can be on Trackman or any thousand dollar equipment that will tell you the variances in your swing, but Swing Coach will give you the same kind of feedback based on where the ball is going."
- John Payne, Amateur Golfer
"I’ve been instructing golf for over 40 years and no other product can help you learn the feel of the proper swing and proper sequence of motion like the Swing Coach club. You’ll develop the proper muscle memory required to make your best shots over and over. At home or on the range, your Swing Coach is always with you - it’s like having me, in your bag."
- Dean Reinmuth: Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor for 20 Years. Best Selling
Golf Author with Over 200 Teaching Segments Filmed on Golf Channel
"Many swing trainers use mechanical hinges or levers or plastic (appendages) or cloth straps or wraps (that are) movement controlling to force golfers into motions, swing positions and alignments that result in beautiful shots. The problem arises when removing them… original swing problems rebound more strongly and magnified. Think of water rushing forward with increased force after the dam breaks down…
The Swing Coach simulates an actual club, and rather than restrain force or motion in any way, the goal asks golfers to make their own natural swings!"
- Andrew Brumer: Golf Writer / Authorized (GSEB) Instructor - The Golfing Machine
In less than 5 minutes, the Swing Coach Club taught me something that I never could have imagined. It taught me that I don’t have to ‘hold on’ until I get TO impact. I now know that I am going to l et It rip INTO and THROUGH impact. It is an amazing feeling…
- J. Reynolds, Student of the Game, 2+ Handicap / US Senior Am Player
"Awesome product! Loved it right off the bat! Using Swing Coach for just a few minutes gave me the feeling of keeping the club in front of me (mine usually lags behind). In a closer look on video, I also noticed that it fixed my flip - a lifetime battle for me... Amazing!!!"
- Maria Kostina, 1st Russian Golfer to compete in US Women's Open
See Swing Coach tested by amateur golfers on Golf Life TV:
"Rather than another $400 driver, Swing Coach may be a better investment… A female player on the first try had a lightbulb moment saying, “Oh! That’s what you’re supposed to do!”  In spite of playing for 20 years, she had never understood really what the swing was about especially the timing of the release and how to do it."
- Golf Gear Weekly
"Coaching golf has one inherent problem. The thing we are trying to learn to control is the club, not the ball! Swing Coach places the focus on what the club is doing with real feedback. I use it to train all parts of the swing. Backswing, transition to impact and follow through are enhanced greatly by Swing Coach. Swing Coach makes me a better swing coach!"
"The Swing Coach Club is a training aid that’s both novel and effective – a very rare combination in golf…. it’s aimed at teaching two things: a square club face and smooth acceleration. It does both very effectively… I can see this living in your bag and being the first thing you use during a practice session to ingrain the feel of being smooth."
- Plugged In Golf / Matt Saternus - Golf Writer and Golf Instructor
“Unlike most training aids, mastering your Swing Coach is not an automatic for many first time users. Worthwhile achievements in golf, as in life, very seldom are. But, your AHA! moment will be unmistakable - and your payoff for being patient will be the liberating feeling of an effortless golf swing that unlocks your potential and keeps the game fun.”
- Bill Parks, Swing Coach Inventor - Former Competitive Amateur Golfer
AAGT / Michelob Ultra / Golf Channel Am Tours
"I have now used the aid, for the last 3 days, with 3 different beginner to intermediate students. One, with a senior lady, only 6 months into golf. Another, with a high school junior boy, only 6 lessons into golf. And finally, today, with a senior couple, both intermediates.  The results are seriously, remarkable! This aid speeds up the learning curve INSTANTLY!!!!"
"Best New Product... Most Fun Spot at Demo Day" (2017 PGA Show)
- Michael Collins / Senior Writer,
"The new Swing Coach training club is the ultimate training aid—and the only one necessary—for helping any golfer, at any level, who wants to get better fast."
- The Local Golfer